Complete IoT Home Security Solution

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Michael Raven
Michael RavenHunter@micrv · Founder & Managing Director, Blazon PR
Awesome product, revolutionising Home Security through the utilisation of emerging tech.
Karim Roushdy
Karim Roushdy@karimroushdy1
@micrv it is great a way to monitor your house I guess.It is nice to know what is going on through your phone, when you leave the house. Also later checking the log if there is something you need to figure out (detective on your own) Good thing is they have smart learning because a lot of the times the alert could be a false one.
Ronnie Nag
Ronnie NagMaker@ronnienag · MD qllondon
My team and I are making the kibbi, happy to answer any questions, Kibbi is here revolutionise the way we monitor the inside of our homes
Ronnie Nag
Ronnie NagMaker@ronnienag · MD qllondon
false alarms no more... Kibbi talks to you when needed
Ronnie Nag
Ronnie NagMaker@ronnienag · MD qllondon
Actually happened! I get a call from my home alarm monitoring company at 10.30am " is everything ok, your home alarm went off 8 minutes ago" I call my wife and ask if she close by, " 10 mins away... When wifey gets home she is now scared to go in... Need to bring the kibbi back home from the office as none of this would have happended. I can't make this up if I try!