AI-powered shopping assistant and social POS.

Khoyn is an interface for social commerce. It's a chat commerce platform that allows businesses to make sales within chat apps. It functions as a Social Point of Sale (sPOS) that allows new age businesses to sell products directly from within any social app.

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Angelo Embuldeniya
Angelo EmbuldeniyaHunter@angeloe · Cofounder, Recruiter + Product Guy.
You need Khoyn if you’re a store owner who needs an easier way to launch into the African market - it is the quickest, most cost effective and personalized experience. Khoyn is a chat commerce platform which enables African small and medium businesses with commerce tools they need, to tap into a consumer market that will spend USD1 Trillion by 2020. Approximately 90% of retail spend in Africa is in the informal market, they are now trading online, not via websites, but purely via social apps like Whatsapp. However, there is insufficient infrastructure for commerce over these apps. They have no access to card payments, stock tracking, analytics to properly scale. Khoyn provides the infrastructure for businesses to sell within social apps, no need for websites. Moreover, it combines chat apps, including Facebook Messenger, and online shopping so data usage becomes a thing of the past.