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Send anyone anonymous DJ Khaled quotes.

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Daniel Williams@xcadaverx
Wait... this ...COSTS MONEY? LOL.
Ryan HeybournMaker@ryanheybourn · I help startups grow @useinstaaa
@xcadaverx of course it does! International texts aren't free, duh.
Dilyar Askar@dilyaraskar · Canadian Entrepreneur pioneering;
@ryanheybourn What service provider are you using for the SMS, I thought as a business, you can't text people unless they sub to you first? You built your own backend?
Ryan HeybournMaker@ryanheybourn · I help startups grow @useinstaaa
@dilyaraskar I'm manually having to send the texts now, due to a hiccup with our older provider, Spark NZ. I built a back-end in which would pull a list of cellphone numbers and individually text them different quotes at random intervals. Our automated service should be back up in a day or two, but for now it's definitely a struggle.
Dilyar Askar@dilyaraskar · Canadian Entrepreneur pioneering;
@ryanheybourn Ahh gotcha. Why don't you use something like: ? I have a service that needs sms automation on a large scale, I wonder if its cheaper to use this service over getting a developer build a backend...
Ryan HeybournMaker@ryanheybourn · I help startups grow @useinstaaa
@dilyaraskar I've considered using a service similar, but can't see the website getting much larger than it is now. For $199 /month, I'd rather stick with my choppy back-end or manual labour.
KateHiring@katesegrin · Head of Social @ GitHub
There are so many DJ Khaled products and honestly, I'm not tired of them yet. I can't wait to text my friends random DJ Khaled-isms. ANOTHA ONE! LIONNNNNNNNN! 🦁
Dilyar Askar@dilyaraskar · Canadian Entrepreneur pioneering;
@katesegrin LOL, I feel like you single handily put this on the front page ;) . Anything to give you and your friends a good laugh right? Hey Emily, gives us ANOTHA ONEEE.
Bryan@bwguenther · Designer, front-end developer
whyyyy are these apps being upvoted
Zlatko Unger@zlatty · Professional kitten holder™
So it's like Kanye text but for DJ Khaled? It was exciting yesterday, but not so much today. 😱
Ryan HeybournMaker@ryanheybourn · I help startups grow @useinstaaa
Hey, Hunters! I'm Ryan, the guy behind this horrible site. It's been a little over a day now and already, I've received around fifty orders. That's over 1000 texts that need to be sent, but can't be, due to the horrible service of Spark NZ - the carrier I use for my back-end. If you've purchased a package and still haven't heard anything from DJ Khaled, please be patient! I, alongside some of the guys from over at /r/slavelabour are working on manually getting your texts sent & due to the immense amount that need to be done, expect this could take up to a day or two. If it has been more than 48 hours and you still haven't received a text, please get in touch with me @ryanheybourn. Thank you all for the support and love #blessup.