Khaled Text

Send anyone anonymous DJ Khaled quotes.

Wait... this ...COSTS MONEY? LOL.
@xcadaverx of course it does! International texts aren't free, duh.
@ryanheybourn What service provider are you using for the SMS, I thought as a business, you can't text people unless they sub to you first? You built your own backend?
@dilyaraskar I'm manually having to send the texts now, due to a hiccup with our older provider, Spark NZ. I built a back-end in which would pull a list of cellphone numbers and individually text them different quotes at random intervals. Our automated service should be back up in a day or two, but for now it's definitely a struggle.
@ryanheybourn Ahh gotcha. Why don't you use something like: ? I have a service that needs sms automation on a large scale, I wonder if its cheaper to use this service over getting a developer build a backend...
@dilyaraskar I've considered using a service similar, but can't see the website getting much larger than it is now. For $199 /month, I'd rather stick with my choppy back-end or manual labour.
There are so many DJ Khaled products and honestly, I'm not tired of them yet. I can't wait to text my friends random DJ Khaled-isms. ANOTHA ONE! LIONNNNNNNNN! 🦁
@katesegrin LOL, I feel like you single handily put this on the front page ;) . Anything to give you and your friends a good laugh right? Hey Emily, gives us ANOTHA ONEEE.
whyyyy are these apps being upvoted
So it's like Kanye text but for DJ Khaled? It was exciting yesterday, but not so much today. 😱
Hey, Hunters! I'm Ryan, the guy behind this horrible site. It's been a little over a day now and already, I've received around fifty orders. That's over 1000 texts that need to be sent, but can't be, due to the horrible service of Spark NZ - the carrier I use for my back-end. If you've purchased a package and still haven't heard anything from DJ Khaled, please be patient! I, alongside some of the guys from over at /r/slavelabour are working on manually getting your texts sent & due to the immense amount that need to be done, expect this could take up to a day or two. If it has been more than 48 hours and you still haven't received a text, please get in touch with me @ryanheybourn. Thank you all for the support and love #blessup.