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When @randfish says this is one of his new favorite tools.. one should listen :) . Would love for @takartem to jump in here and share his thoughts on how startups can use this tool to help them grow.
@BlendahTom "Better than Google's Keyword Tool" Better how?
@thetylerhayes. Quoting @randfish: "Adwords hides valuable KWs that search suggest reveals". This tool will help you to discover keywords that you won't be able to find in Google Keyword Planner
@takartem Is there consistent repeatable proof of Google doing that?
@thetylerhayes yes. Just try using Google Keyword Planner to find keyword ideas for your niche and compare results to Google Autocomplete (use http://keywordtool.io/ to get those) and you will see what I mean. Here is good blog-post on this topic: http://www.sudorank.com/method-f...
Looks good! I really like how it presents results alphabetically. Are there any plans to incorporate search volume in the future?
Thanks @BlendahTom! Would be more than happy to answer all the questions
@takartem how can startups can use this tool to help them grow?
@BlendahTom This tool is extremely useful for SEO and keyword research. If you want your content to rank in Google, you have to use the right keywords. KeywordTool.io will help you to find topics that your target audience is interested in
Yes, @riaface, we'd be looking into adding search volume to the keyword suggestions. Unfortunately it's not that easy to get access to Google API to get data directly from them. We are considering other options though
always like a new tool.. how does it differentiate from Übersuggest?
@ChuckReynolds It generates 2 times more keywords. Where Ubersuggest gives you 325, Keyword Tool will generate 750. It supports 194 Google domains and 83 languages (way more than Ubersuggest). Also it works faster, has cleaner UI, no captcha, no ads, and many more cool features to come :)
@takartem right on. I've already used it - bookmarked. DEF nicer UI ;) that's fo sho!
Thanks @ChuckReynolds! We'll be releasing cool new features soon, follow us at @keywordtoolio to stay in the loop :)