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Seriously one of my favorite tools - can't believe it's free!
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Video to help you get started with Keywords Everywhere -
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@akashmansukhani thanks for building this! Can you share what the API call limit is?
@bbzeven There are no limits set right now. However, the API being used is an internal API and I would not suggest building anything that uses it directly, since the internal API is subject to change as we add more features to the add-on
@akashmansukhani This is amazing. Thanks for building and putting it out for other people to use! Any ideas on pro versions in the future?
@letsan We are going to keep this free forever. If you want any features to be added, feel free to send me a message or email me at akash@keywordseverywhere.com
@akashmansukhani great to know, and kudos for that! The only thing I'm missing is results for more countries (Chile in my case), but I realize they take some time and more are coming down the line ;)
Glad and upset this is finally on Producthunt, it's such an advantage having this simple tool in your arsenal as an SEO. Probably one of the easiest and best insight tools out there for KW research. It makes my life easier and deserves the amount of upvotes and installs its about to get.
I absolutely love this tool been a long time fan thanks Akash!
This one is currently my favorite browser extension for SEO. I love how fast it is and the bulk features - it's a must get for everyone.