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#5 Product of the WeekApril 29, 2020
Analyze search volumes and find keywords for 70 countries! Keyword Surfer is the fastest way to reveal search volume, similar keywords, and ranking domain details inside Google Search. It's 100% free. Forever.
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Hey Hunters! I'm Lucjan, CTO at Surfer and maker of the keyword extension. This one is exciting for me – we squeezed a lot of data from our paid tools into a free Chrome extension. If you enjoyed the first version of Keyword Surfer, I believe you'll LOVE this one. We improved the interface, added databases for 70 countries, and new data points. This is what you get with every search you conduct in Google: - Search volume for your primary keyword - Lots of related keywords, with their volumes and similarity score - Clipboard to quickly access keywords you found useful - Estimated traffic of each top-ranking domain - Word count for top-ranking pages - Number of exact keywords used on top-ranking pages - Cost per click (CPC) for your primary keyword Keyword Surfer is free and will remain free forever. That means that businesses that cannot afford to invest in yet another tool, especially now, will be able to perform effective keyword research and evaluate keyword difficulty without leaving Google. Give it a go and let us know what you think. We will improve the extension based on your feedback so share your thoughts in the comments below 🙈
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@lucjan_suski this makes keyword research so much less daunting + more efficient. Well done, guys!
@aalayza750 Thanks Andrew! And we are definitely not going to stop here, look forward to updates :D
@lucjan_suski Congratulations on building a great product! Keyword Surfer was already part of my curated list of Startup Tools -
@lucjan_suski This is amazing. Absolutely love what you guys have built here. Quick question -> is there any metric to show how competitive each keyword is? Similar to Keyword Difficulty score on semrush...
@salil_sethi Thanks! Although we did our best, we don't have any direct difficulty metric right now. What you can do is to check out the traffic of top ranking competitors, if there are only high authority sites with high traffic - it will be rather difficult to rank.
Love you tool! We use it to improve our pages
@olya_zabalkanskaya thanks for such nice words. I hope you'll like Keyword Surfer as well 🏄‍♂️🚀
This is great! Adding back in what Google Analytics removed (and more) but in a far more useful location of the Google search results page! I also have the paid Surfer SEO - does the clipboard or other features integrate with that somehow?
@michael_smith1 thanks for your feedback and question. Keyword Surfer is an autonomous product. There is no integration with our main tool. The only exception is knowledge base which is available for free for both extension and tool users.
Nice one! I think it's just a cool tool even if you aren't SEO specialist, but want to understand the principles how the web and search engines work. Also could work for general internet researchers.
@nikmcfly Yea, I think it makes sense for entrepreneurs too who want to figure out how to describe their product. What people are looking for. How many people are searching for your solution.
@nikmcfly Thanks for your comment! It was our intention to deliver this great amount of data we have in an accessible way. Hope you will enjoy using it :)
@michal_porada yep, installed it and looking how it goes, thanks! @karolina_gawron right
The free KS on its own is a gem - add it to your browser and see the results, it will save time even if you dont do Content SEO. Now re with the paid version - I am a big fan of SERP Analyzer (great for audits) which allows you to see what others have BUT also tells you what to do for a particular page. Also very helpful and effective keyword research tool. All 5 stars really!
@paul_alves thanks! 🙏 Glad to hear that.