KeyTouch for Apple Watch

Unlock, lock & enter your password on your Mac with  Watch

#5 Product of the DayAugust 14, 2015
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Hi all, My name is Tom de Ruiter, I am a 14-year old developer from the Netherlands and I made KeyTouch together with my two friends, Melvin (15 y/o) and Erik (14 y/o). We initially launched KeyTouch on January 16th, and were published on Product Hunt as well. Today, we introduce you to our newest version (v2.0) after three + months of work. This version includes the all new Apple Watch app that allows you to unlock, lock and enter your password on your Mac even faster, on your wrist. You'll automatically get an interactive notification when authentication is needed and you can interact from the watch itself. This update also brings more features and bug fixes. One of the biggest feature is of course the Watch app, but also 'Knock to connect'. This feature allows you to actually 'Knock' your phone twice to connect. This brings more convenience to unlocking your Mac. May you have feedback, or have just something to tell, feel free to leave a comment below or send an email to contact [at]
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@tomgekeerd 14, 15, 14. Wow! You guys are such inspiration!
@alfred_lua haha, thanks!
@tomgekeerd You guys rock. Wish you all the best :) hope to see more apps from your guys soon :)
"Kids these days.. Only sitting behind their computers.. gaming and stuff." Nah, just kidding. Great job dudes! Amazing to see young talent pushing products!
Nice work guys, you know what would be good? A little demo video showing this thing in action... would do wonders explaining your product. Keep up the awesome work.
@craigjbarber A few days ago we have posted some 'video guides' to YouTube, mainly to explain how KeyTouch works and how to set it up. You can see some of them here: How to setup KeyTouch?
Apple Watch app.
Keep in mind, what we are not showing in these guide, is that anywhere you need authentication, an interactive notification will pop up on your iOS Device and/or your watch, this way you can authenticate even faster and more secure. For more information, I can also redirect you to our FAQ page ( There are of course troubleshoot questions, but also some main questions.
God damn only 14 years old! Anyways this seems awesome and i'm downloading the watch app now.
Wow, well done! I was proud that my App was listed on Apple 20under20 category! Well, not anymore! There will be a 15under15 category soon! lol