Keys For Sketch

Advanced shortcut manager for Sketch app

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6 Reviews5.0/5
Very nice! Would be cool if you can add commands to the right click menu. ie. setting a symbol to it's original size.
Just simply perfect plugin!
Just rolled out search by menu title. Hurry up to install the update. :P
@exevil any updates coming? Doesn't work with the current version of Sketch ... 54.1 ... thnx!
@exevil @gradykelly: Unfortunately, project support has been discontinued. :/
So sad to hear that this project is discontinued... I didn't realize how much I rely on it until it doesn't work when I change computer and update my Sketch to newest version.... I am really rely on all the shortcut I created with this plugin! It speed up my work so much! Really hope this project could continue! Thank you very much for what you did!