No passwords revealed. Be sure that your login doesn't spread, and create a custom bundle between a group. Keyring, we're leaning in:
"... consumer-friendly ways to push back at the edges of password-sharing.” — Netflix CPO, Greg Peters
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Hey ProductHunt. I'm Chino, CEO/Founder at Keyring. First of all, I want to thanks @benln for hunting us 🥳 Keyring lets users safely share subscriptions between household members. No passwords revealed (so that logins don't spread) and create a custom bundle of video, music, and news subscriptions between a group. We're the cable bundle for the digital generation. ----- ⭐️ IMPORTANT: If you're getting 'This app is not verified' ⭐️ TL;DR: Click "Advanced" and "Continue to Keyring" to get to the next step. After you sign in once, you won't get the error anymore. Thanks for the patience! This is my first Chrome Extension :) ----- BACKSTORY: Password sharing within media is pervasive. 21% of couples, 35% of Millennials, and. 74% of Americans do it. With or without Keyring, this behavior will persist. From what I know about media innovation, it follows this story: ACT 1: Consumer dissatisfaction. ACT 2: Innovation from young people, and then fights. ACT 3: A legitimate form factor of the innovation. An example: Music ACT 1: Dissatisfaction with CDs. ACT 2: Innovation from Sean Parker at Napster: digital downloads. Then, fights. ACT 3: A legitimate form factor of digital downloads: iTunes. TODAY: Media password sharing -- How do we legitimize this? ACT 1 (We're here now): Dissatisfaction with fragmented authentication, payments, logins, and discovery. ACT 2: Innovation with password sharing - Keyring embraces it and turn it into revenue for streaming services. ACT 3: A legitimate form factor of innovation: Keyring. WHAT TO EXPECT NOW - Discover the best movies and show across the services you have access to. - Share & receive access without revealing your password. - There will be bugs, so please be nice and please let us know. We're human :) WHAT TO EXPECT NEXT - You'll be able to split and manage payments across all your media services. - The "Binge" tier features, mentioned here: - We're raising with equity crowdfunding soon, you can sign up for that notification on our homepage: HOW YOU CAN HELP - Looking for diverse angels, and funds with female/POC Partners. Tech lacks examples of diversity on cap tables. Don't @ me. - We're always looking for bright teammates. At this time: devs and growth folks, but honestly if you just want to help out, just tell me what you can do well and are passionate about, and how you can apply it to Keyring, and let's chat! FUN FACTS - We obviously value diversity. 5 of our 6 devs are black. - Our Engineering Manager used to be Head of Data at Hulu. - Our illustration designer got COVID, so we had to get scrappy and borrow some illustrations from - go check them out! FAQs - Q: Won't they shut you down? A: They know who we are, we add value by helping services acquire and retain young customers. - Q: Is this allowed? A: For most of the services we support, yes. You can share with your household. What are you waiting for? INSTALL IT NOW! It's not like your quarantine would be more entertaining without us 😉 To the crazy ones, Chino Lex Feel free to DM on social or email me at with any questions. P.S Keyring will shut down if we do not get 5, 000 users in the first month. If you love this product and what it can become, share it with potential users, influencers, investors, and journalists, and we'll keep improving it for you. Don't let this flop 🙏
Game changer! Need that contentttttt :)
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It's been a pleasure getting to see this be developed over time, and I can confidently say Chino put a lot of effort into it! Kudos on the launch
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So useful!! Great idea 😄😄😄😄😄😄 @chinolex is a hero
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Awesome post, Chino I'm happy to hear you put those values on the first post.
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