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Keyport keeps coming up with cooler ways to pack your favorite tools and gadgets into a compact device that fits in your pocket
I've had both version 1.0 and 2.0, so I guess I've seen the evolution of Keyport and these new designs are both interesting & exciting. Since I got a Keyport, I haven't a single scratch on my iPhone, no sharp keys going in my legs and no fiddling at the door or car trying to get to the right key. So if they've improved on what was already an elegant piece of functional design, I can't help myself, got to get one!
external compact storage is dying, keyless home entry is growing, not sure why this small brick in my pocket makes sense unless I anticipate close combat AND my opponent promises to not move too fast because the blade is tiny - though it looks like I could also poke him with a multi tool - or wear him down with a nail file
@passingnotes I appreciate your perspective, but I beg to differ. Keychains are still virtually ubiquitous and often growing bulkier as more items are getting smaller, lighter, smarter and attached to them - keys, pocket tools, fobs, smart tech, etc. While smart locks are coming onboard (and we are excited about that), the wide range of keys we carry today are not going away soon. And besides keys, there are so many other items we carry on a daily basis in our pockets that can be consolidated into something more stylish with improved utility (e.g. lighter, one-handed access, lost & found, etc.). Think of Keyport as the operating system for your pocket and all of the various items you can integrate as physical apps. Can't get a splinter out? Now, there's an app for that. Need to sign a check and your waiter didn't bring a pen with the bill? Now there's an app for that. I agree that the blade probably won't kill anyone (which we think is a good thing), but it will cut open a box or slice a rope or anything else that a small folding knife can do (better than most actually). Point is that there are lots of physical items we carry including keys. It is still one of the three things (keys, wallet, phone) we drag around with us every day, and in most cases it is by far the bulkiest and least fashionable. We think it makes sense to consolidate your most essential everyday carry items into a device about the size of a box of Tic Tacs and do it in style while addressing the biggest concern about keys & keychains...losing them. Keyport now has both a BLE locator that works with TrackR plus both the Keyport Slide 3.0 and the Keyport Pivot include KeyportID, an online lost & found service that uses the unique serial number engraved on each Keyport to connect owners and finders online directly and anonymously with a click.
@cooperdel @passingnotes what is the difference with this page and this Keyport page from last year?
@bentossell @passingnotes These are the newest, next gen Keyports - The Keyport Slide 3.0 and the all-new Keyport Pivot - which are currently on Kickstarter (mykeyport.com/kickstarter). The most significant upgrades include: • Constructed of aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel • Modularity on both sides (interchangeable on both the Slide 3.0 and the Pivot) • Add-on modules include: - Bluetooth low energy locator that works with TrackR - Folding knife designed by nationally recognized knife designer, Glenn Klecker @ Klecker Knives - 12 lumen mini-flashlight - Other modules in design include emergency phone charger and universal remote • Low profile lanyard attachment • KeyportID, an online lost & found service that uses the unique serial number engraved on each Keyport to connect owners and finders online directly and anonymously with a click • While the Keyport Slide 3.0 uses our Keyport key Blades to reduce the size and weight of traditional keys while fitting securely in the device, we developed the Keyport Pivot to be compatible with a customer's existing keys We are using these products as the basis for developing a platform in which others can design and develop Keyport compatible modules.
Great product! I noticed there is a small pen tool aspect to this product.. Is it possible to add a mini-stylus pen tool?
@jay_bee12345 Definitely on our to do list! Hopefully, we can find a top notch partner to assist us in developing one like we have with our locator that works with TrackR and the folding knife designed by Glenn Klecker.
@cooperdel Excellent news! Thanks for the prompt response.. I have a related idea if your interests and circumstances permit please view the following: The idea is to create a phone case prototype with all the functionality of your product! ;) This would be very cool and further synapse the functionality into an even more space saving solution! I suggest this with utmost respect regarding your existing product and just thought it maybe something you would enjoy considering. Thanks again, Jaswinder Brar
@jay_bee12345 We have definitely considered similar options, and it may one day reach our top priority list. I think that one of the biggest values of the Keyport is not just the space saving, but that it is an improvement over the way one accesses these tools. With the Keyport Slide, it is one-handed access without even having to look since all of the items remain in the original positions. So, I can easily pull the Keyport out from my pocket using one hand and deploy a key in addition to a light without looking down as I am walking up to a door in the dark. While the utility and space saving nature of a phone case is unquestioned (although it may get a bit thick depending upon the tools included), the efficiency of access (opening doors or deploying a flash drive or pen multiple times a day every day) may be a bit more of a challenge for some to overcome.
@cooperdel Very informative response.. I agree the functionality would be reduced.. This will make an excellent gift for all occasions! Thank you very much.
@jay_bee12345 Really appreciate your interest and support, JB. Thank you!