Keynote Stash

A collection of awesome talks, launches and keynotes

Keynote Stash is an awesome collection of talks and media events that celebrate innovation, technology and forward-thinkers.

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Neat idea although it's a bit light on content. I would love to see this turn into a deeper, historical archive of keynotes and talks, with some method of curation applied on top. What's your plan with the project, @minu? 😊
@rrhoover Appreciate the feedback! There are other series that I wanted to add like TC Disrupt, Tesla & even Hackathon keynotes. But video fragmentation (videos cut into clips) became a significant issue with these sources. That being said, I'm looking into Crunchbase's daily event list (sent via email) and seeing if I can use that as a potential source. As for the curation: would you like to see tagging of some sort to more easily access a specific keynote?
@minu riffing here: categorizing by topic could be useful (e.g. developer vs. marketing-focused) and highlighting popular videos using video views (maybe starting with YouTube as a proxy).
@rrhoover Great idea - YouTube is a great metric for highlighting awesome talks! I'll add that πŸ’―
Hi Product Hunt! I often find myself trying to find past keynote speeches for feature details or just some inspiration! I put together a collection of some great talks and launches from the biggest names in technology and entertainment. Enjoy!
How do we get updates for the launches,keynote,events? There is no mechanism for anything on this.
@ayush_chandra Hi Ayush! This is a good point - its something aggregated, so I would manually add events. Would a email-subscriber list type thing be helpful?
Just discovered this. Pretty cool! Would be great if content was embedded somehow.