KeyKey Typing Tutor for Mac

Hone your keyboard skills without the hassle

#4 Product of the DayJune 10, 2018

KeyKey Typing Tutor for my experience is the best and smartest typing tutor available on the Mac today. It's a new comer on the market but, having tested many of them, I could not recommend it enough.

The engine adapts immediately to my strengths and weakness and the live statistics are incredibly clear and motivate me a lot.

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it is very helpfull tool for typing))


very simple



no cons

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I've always envied those fast typers in my office or in movies. Now, day by day, with KK I'm getting better at it and maybe... one day... who knows! I'll keep going :)


Simple and practical for daily use, very effective



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This is amazing! Love the UI. Thanks guys
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Я считаю, что эта программа – идеальное решение для людей, которые печатают огромные тексты и статьи (Да и обычным людям не помешает приобрести эту программу). Спасибо разработчикам!
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@thegeekjack Thanx for feedback!