Realtime hashtag tracking for Twitter, Facebook, etc...

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Dead simple and a good alternative to Topsy.
@lizasperling Thanks Liza! "Dead simple" is music to our ears :)
Hey @rrhoover, can we get the little M badge for @saif_ajani's participation?
I am curious how much historical data is available. Looks like you have to be tracking to get the data, so no way to look back, correct? BTW, dashboard and functionality reminds me a bit of my beloved (acquired) @scoutlabs.
@saif_ajani @kaz , I just got en email that my trial is about to expire. This is disappointing for a product that is good, but has not yet proven why free users should convert to being paying users - or even the differences between the tiers. See my question about historical data? Still no answer. Is this participation? @rrhoover @producthunt have done a phenomenal job of making it easy for founders to hear users' feedback - and act on it. Those founders deserve the "little M badge", because they earn it! Hopefully this feedback is helpful.
@lizasperling @kaz @rrhoover Hi Liza - apologies. Since I wasn't tagged in the earlier post, didn't receive a notification so missed it. When tracks are first created, Keyhole pulls a sample of past data but not complete data. We certainly do have access to historical data, but these are via separate requests. Difference between tiers is primarily driven by the number of tracks you need to run simultaneously, along with a couple of other things described on the pricing page. Keyhole is based on free trial vs freemium, so there isn't a free tier per se. Since a large use case for our clients is to measure week-long campaigns, our free trial is shorter than this timeframe -- giving clients a glimpse into the metrics available for a few days before deciding whether they need it for longer. Hope this helps!
Thanks, @saif_ajani. @rrhoover is going easy you by bestowing the "M" badge. The "I wasn't tagged" logic seems off in this community. Isn't your focus tracking real-time keywords on the interwebz? Admittedly this is not easy to scale or price (see above pricing), but if PH is too much to get my point. The positive here: guessing props go to @kaz to turning you on to this spot. My intent is not to be harsh, but to be real - I hope this is a spot where product makers and product users can make magic happen. Otherwise the "M" badge doesn't mean much;)
@lizasperling most people don't want their inbox flooded with every comment (especially as we scale to potentially 100+ per thread) but perhaps we can provide an option to opt-in to this.
@lizasperling I don't want to steal any props...@saif_ajani followed up on his own, honest. Give the dude a chance and hopefully the magic will happen ;)
@kaz my trial ended, and I don't see other users chiming in, so this may be a magic free zone:) Free trials are tricky, though, and I give props to anyone who figures out that model.