Convert Adobe AE animations for playback on mobile devices

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Didn't know AE could export vector animation. Pretty cool. And then use KeyFrames or Lottie in xcode.
On the heels of Airbnb launching their own After Effects-to-mobile animation tool (Lottie), Facebook has their own similiar tool. It wasn't long ago when this kind of animation was reserved for only the highest end apps or games. Now motion graphics are essential for any native mobile app. I remember back when I was working on Google+ and Fred Gilbert was pushing the envelope for more animation in the product, in coordination with the Google Search and Material design teams. Things have come a long way since then — so much so that these open source projects are now used as top-of-the-funnel recruiting mechanisms. Incredible.
Good job @chrismessina! Didn't realize this wasn't hunted here before ;)
Hmm. or do you need to export vector animation in AE? Seems Lottie needs bodymovin. Boydmovin isn't hunted either btw.
@eonpilot Bodymovin is only used in Lottie, not in Keyframes.
@kunalslab So it seems. KeyFrames use Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit and it exports .json
How does this compare to Squall?
@levibethune Squall has trim offsets, gradients, repeaters, text layers, text animations...