Explore your Instagram feed from your iPhone keyboard

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I think the idea of using the keyboard to view social media feeds is pretty interesting! Excited to see what everyone else thinks.
Really awesome app! The keyboard is forgotten yet incredibly valuable screen real estate and this app reflects how innovative keyboard experiences should function. Great job!
@hjonesr Well said Hugh! Thank you so much for the support.
Thanks for posting @afkehaya! My cousin Ry (working now to get him in the comments) and I have been working on KeyFeed for awhile and we are super excited to release it today. Both being teenage entrepreneurs, we've learned a ton so far. It's been a long run just to get this point, but the marathon is just getting started. :) We will be on here all day, so please, ask us anything!
It looks pretty interesting! It's like a short-cut / plugin for a keyboard and the fact that you can like and share from there, it's amazing. But, would it be possible to share the picture like a screenshot instead of a link? It would be probably be better for users and it would cut the task of being directed to instagram... just a thought. Still a great idea! Keep the good work guys.
@rutgerteunissen Thanks for the feedback and support! Definitely something we are considering for the next update.