Painless license key generation for products you develop.

Keydock is a painless way to generate and distribute license keys to your customers.

Use our interface to generate/import licenses and then utilize the API to check/activate them from your product.

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Hey Makers, Can you tell us more about what you've built here? What aspect are you most proud of? 🔑
@jacqvon Absolutely! Keydock is a web app where you can generate and distribute license keys to customers who purchase products you develop. You can select from many different key formats and even restrict the license to only work within selected dates. For license activations and status checks we built an API with great documentation that handles all of that. For more information and to read about all of our features, head to our website. :)
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Is your pricing based on the number of active licenses or licenses generated a month? The pricing seems untenable, especially for an indie developer.
@etc Apologies for the delayed response. We actually just reworked the entire pricing side of the application. It's all based on the total number of licenses generated. The plans are also based on a fixed monthly cost and you have a limit of licenses per plan. You can see all of our plans on our home page.