KeyDisk 2

Awesome replacement to stupid key rings

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So people don't carry their car keys anymore? Cool concept but where does my car key go?
@KristoferTM @mzuvella Looks like there's an example of that in the video.
Got myself a Keyper a while back and don't think I'll ever carry a key ring again. KeyDisk looks like it allows for more keys which is cool.
I've tried and seen a lot of different key rings, and most recently used and stopped using the Orbitkey. It boils down to one thing: do you prefer a) compact key storage or b) not having to fumble while using a key to open a lock? These key holder types are great for key storage, but they make *using* keys a real pain. At least for the Orbitkey, and it looks like for this, turning a key out from its swivel (especially if you double-stack keys) is somewhat irritating, especially compared to the keyring solution which is to just grab a key and use it, though YMMV.
@markbao I backed Orbitkey on Kickstarter - got one for me and my girlfriend. She LOVES hers, and swears by it, I haven't even taken mine out of the box. At the time I thought "What a great idea", but the realiy is I don't want the key fumble. Also, I like the souvenier key rings I get as I travel. Right now I'm rocking a Jurassic Park one from Universal in Hollywood. Meanwhile, Kickstarter has been FLOODED with these 'minimalist' key holders. Wallets, sunglasses, watches and keyrings. Saw an article the other week (can't find now) that talked about the trends for Kickstarter product creation ("Why do we have so many wallets"). It'll be interesting to see what's next.
Didn't expect it to look like this: