Keychn is an amazingly fun Live-streaming cooking platform, where you can attend up to 800 yearly Live-Masterclasses. Cook and interact in real time with chefs and learn from the best sommeliers and influencers with no communication barriers. Learning from other cultures and cuisines is now easier with Keychn for $2.99 a month.

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Hello guys! My name is Ismael and I'm one of the co-founders Keychn. We are super happy to share our platform with all you ProductHunters and let you know we launched a week ago. For the past year, we have been developing our Live-streaming cooking platform where you can attend Live Cooking Masterclasses with chefs from around the world. You can actually talk to the chefs live and ask them in real time your questions. Apart from that we offer you guys free recipes updated every week so that you can cook even when there are no live classes. In the next month, our website will be live as well. Where you will be able to see all Live classes and past masterclasses as a VOD platform. In your $2.99 monthly subscription is all included and more and better masterclasses will come over time. If you guys need any support or want to ask me something we are open 24/7 for you! Cheers and thank you for helping us bring people together through food. Ismael Ordaz CEO Keychn

I really liked the new update. It shows everything the app has to offer in a better way. It has a small but well produced set of recipes by default.


An easy, and social way to learn new recipes, and cook something delicious.


It would be great to have a calendar sync option for the masterclasses.

Thank you so much Daniel. We are working on improving the platform everyday so all your comments are super helpful. About the recipes you will be able to see 25 new recipes every Friday! We will keep you posted and thank you for your support!
Love it. Can’t wait to get cooking and see what the world’s coolest chefs are bringing to the table!
@papaserrajr We hope you can come cook with us in the future!
Great idea - when you launch please DM me on Twitter as I would love to have you as a guest on one of my live shows to talk about your startup
@krishnade Thank you for you interest in Keychn! We are really happy you like the product. We will get in touch ASAP with you as we launched last week the app on iOS. Have a great day.
My brother would love this! Have you guys reached out to high-profile chefs? Gordon Ramsay has a new show coming out and is currently doing some serious promo for it. Might be an opportunity there. Cool app!
@andrewleereal Hello Andrew! We are focusing right now on getting chefs in our launch country that is Spain. Working with some high profiles here, but not international just yet, we need to get a bit more traction. We are happy that you find our product appealing! Thank you so much and we would appreciate a share!