Keyboardio Model 01

An heirloom-grade keyboard for serious typists (Kickstarter)

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JesseMaker@obra · Cofounder & CTO, Keyboardio
We're proud to introduce the Keyboardio Model 01, an heirloom-grade keyboard designed for folks who spend their days and nights at a keyboard. With a milled hardwood body, mechanical switches & custom-sculpted keycaps, it's a dream to type on. The Model 01 comes with source code & a screwdriver. You can preorder yours on Kickstarter starting today.
Roy Bahat
Roy Bahat@roybahat · Head, Bloomberg Beta
I have been playing with a prototype for a few weeks now. This could change the way you do the thing you do, at work, more than anything else. Jesse and Kaia are doing this for the right reason: to fix something we underappreciate.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
FYI, I chatted with @roybahat and @strickland_dan in episode 23 of Product Hunt Radio about Keyboardio.
Xavier Castaneda
Xavier Castaneda@xcast3d · Developer of
Very cool keyboard. As a developer, it looks like it would be great to use. The price, while reasonable for a seemingly quality build, is still hard to accept without being able to physically touching the using the keyboard first hand. A product like this, its all about taking it for a drive. Any plans on attending any shows in the Miami, FL market? I'd love to test this thing.
JesseMaker@obra · Cofounder & CTO, Keyboardio
@xcast3d Indeed. That's why we're doing a roadshow hitting 23 cities in the next 26 days. Unfortunately, we didn't get a whole lot of interest from Florida when we were planning our cross-country roadshow. I'm sad to say that we're not getting too close to Miami.
Xavier Castaneda
Xavier Castaneda@xcast3d · Developer of
@obra darn, just saw the road map on the website. Not even close. It's ok, I'm still leaning towards joining the kickstarter. Would love to see footage of people using it at the event. I'll be checking the blog. Good stuff.
Jesse Wallace
Jesse Wallace@jesse_wallace · Sr. UX Designer, Dragon Army
I love the idea of something more form fitted for your hand and to help make typing less straining and more enjoyable. I, like Xavier above, have a hard swallow at the price though. Have you considered other materials and multiple price tiers? I'm sure that there are plenty that would love the benefits of the format, but don't really care about the more pricey aesthetic components.