Keyboard Layout Editor

Create your own keyboard layout or colorscheme

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This is "the" prototyping tool if you are interested in creating your own keyboard layout or colorscheme, mainly used by people who are interested in mechanical keyboards, keyboard keysets and stuff alike There are companies out there that produce printed keycaps, some even manufacture custom double-shot keycaps, there are entire communities out there that are dedicated to mechanical keyboards and keyboard keycaps, I thought this could be a good starting point for many Here are some related links and good starting points, I might hunt them too at one point and create a mechanical keyboard related collection: (for affordable keycap printing) (good starter double-shot keycaps, some keysets include extras that support non-standard layouts)
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Hello, I think your product is fantastic! If your interests and circumstances permit consider the following idea for a new utilization of the fantastic product presented here! The idea is to create an website icon/logo featuring keyboard! Similar to the emoji keyboard! This product would be sponsored by all of the participating website companies relevant to the icons/logos presented on the keys! This will essentially create a very cheap giveaway item (at the expense of website sponsorships) promotional item for user acquisition across all (non-competing) websites! This idea is also applicable to just creating your own custom "website icon/logo" key featuring keyboard to suit your own personal hot key needs! Just program each website icon featuring key to correspond to a link to that website! You can then just hold shift and hit the key for the "essentially bookmarked" link you desire to open it up in a new window (or tab..) Thanks for your consideration regarding this matter! I look forward to discussing this idea with you. Jaswinder Brar.