Keybase for Chrome

A secure chat button for every profile

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I really love Keybase's product and their efforts to make private chatting more accessible. Super excited to see they launched this extension to contact with others directly from social (even if they don't have a keybase profile, yet). – Chat with me via From the description: Keybase for Chrome is an official Keybase extension for composing ENCRYPTED messages to any Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, HackerNews, or Github user, from the convenience of your browser. It's an easier chat, and it's end-to-end encrypted. This works even if they have yet to join Keybase. The quick summary: - everyone with a social network account has a Keybase inbox, *even before they join Keybase* - you don't need to know the recipient's email address or phone number or Keybase username—just a social media username is sufficient - no one (at Keybase or the social networks) can read your private exchanges - look for the "Keybase Chat" button on profiles around the web - toggle specific features in the extension options (chrome://extensions/ and click on "options") - some more extra hidden features for you to discover (that we'll announce soon) At no point in Keybase's protocol does Keybase ever have the keys necessary to read your messages. This is end-to-end encryption, powered by the convenience of public social media usernames. Keybase is open source, and so is this extension:
Andrey Petrov
Creator, self
Hiya hunters, I'm the primary developer of the extension, let me know if anyone has questions. We've been experimenting with a bunch of different ideas and features—most of them you can enable/disable in the extension's "options". We launched a Reddit-focused extension last month but this release embraces all of the social networks that we support. I also just published a related post which mentions some of the technical details too:
Sajeesh PhilipFounder: &
@shazow Looks like a pretty cool one. Installing now... :)
Erick Barron
I'll try it once I'm on my PC 😊
This sounds like an awesome idea. You only need a social media account and you can send messages from their Twitter page or whatnot. End to end encryption. I have never thought of something so simple to use. Good job guys!