Broadcast and enjoy live stream videos

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What differentiates this from Periscope? I downloaded it to try it out but was greeted with a message that broadcasting wasn't available on Marshmallow.
If Periscope and Meerkat had a baby?? Also in that analogy... how does the 'baby' aim to catch up with (and take over) platforms that are well established now?
@bentossell if the baby is a prince, there's a chance it can overrule the king. When the prince is basically a mirror image of the king, the kingdom will remain in ruins. He'll have to bring something new to the people if he wants to earn their respect. I have no idea where I was going with that.
@brittanymetz I appreciate everything about what you tried to do here.
Looks like it's made by a Chinese company, I wonder if it will hit the Asian market in ways the other apps have not.