Chatbot insurance for the sharing economy.

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Hi, I am one of the founders of Feel free to ask me anything. You can also ready my blogpost here:
@jc2go Hey Juan, idea wise it looks amazing but I will pay for this only if it covers insurance on purchased items too.
@vm4canvasflip Hi Vipul, the guarantee lasts 7 days, so you would have a few days to test the product and the guarantee would cover any problems that were not disclosed by the seller.
Guarantees any P2P transactions for up to $100 to cover scams, fraud, misrepresentation, fakes, etc. from any marketplaces, and for free, through a chat interface, so you can trust strangers on any marketplaces like Craigslist or Gumtree where there is no embedded trust.
Well done! Pretty cool :-)