Kevin Hart Bot

The funny and inspirational bot for Kevin Hart fans

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Hey there! I created this mainly to understand the Chatfuel platform a bit better and because I was inspired by @bentossell's Casey Neistat Bot. A few months ago I started following Kevin Hart on Snapchat and his daily snaps are not only super funny but also quite motivational/inspirational. After a quick search on YouTube and Google I saw that there are many videos and compilations that I didn't know about before and thought that I like the idea of "motivation as a service" MaaS™ (totally created this just now). Bots seem like a great medium for small content snippets and data snacking, so this is my first product in that area :)
@freshfey Awesome to see it launch :)!! Before this I never really knew there was actual content behind Kevin Harts fitness - I just thought he was getting buff from a celeb trainer or something. Didn't know he was full into it and motivating others!
Can you add a link so that it opens on mobile ? When I click the link above it takes me to a logged out web page of Facebook - I'm not sure how Ben did it but it asks if you want to open in Messenger App or Fb App
@marktmcewan sure, give me a second!
@marktmcewan ok I added a second link (couldn't change the first one), in any case, this should work: - please let me know if not
@freshfey got it now - thanks, maybe worth while adding the messenger snaptag for your not as an image up top
@marktmcewan better late than never (took me a while to figure out where to find it, until @bentossell showed me) - added it!