KetoFoodist: Keto Food search engine

Find keto-friendly foods at restaurants, stores, and brands

I created this "search engine" when I needed a way to quickly find keto-friendly foods at restaurants, stores, and from brands. I've added enhancements such as search filters, suggested keywords and brands, and autocomplete to make searching easier.
This is great! Can you do brands too? Ie) BirchBenders pancake mix? It'll help so much because I think most people are too lazy (read: me 🙋) to read the ingredient list and go one by one to figure out if it's keto-friendly. Just a friendly suggestion... Thanks for building this!
@nassaraf Yeah, brands are possible. You can actually start typing "birch benders" and you'll see it in the auto-complete list. If PH allows this link to be shared, here's the link to the search results:
@jermaine_holmes Thiis is amazing my friend! Thanks for creating this!
@kaivandave I'm glad and grateful that you find value in it!
I was shopping in a supermarket, just starting the keto diet, and wanted to quickly know which foods were keto-friendly. I thought finding low-carb foods wouldn't have been difficult but I was wrong. Almost anything I wanted to buy contained a lot of carbs! I searched Google to see if there was a site where I could at least get suggestions or some sort of comparison but I didn't find any at the time. So I created this website, for myself in the beginning. It helped lessen my search times, but I thought about making it better and then making it public with improved user-friendly features. I hope you find it useful. I plan to add more content, adding more foods, and profile individuals who've successfully integrated the ketogenic diet into their lives.
Any plans for an API? I could build a pretty snazzy iOS app
@cameronehrlich I've pondered it but not right now.
@jermaine_holmes ping me if you ever move forward and want a hand
What is ur company address??
@himalaya_mukta Hi, I'm currently a solo operation. Located in SF Bay Area region, California, U.S.