Kernel Cards

A simpler way to create a digital content strategy

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Looks great, backed
Danielle Newnham
Founder, Author.
This looks awesome and such a great format for teams to use. From the founders: "We made Kernel cards to help people create a digital content strategy quickly and easily. They are for: - Design & digital agencies (who want to help clients reach more people) - Marketing departments (who want to maximise their budget) - Small businesses (who want to get noticed) Worth checking out and also on Kickstarter
CoFounder @justgumit CD @weareicoex
@daniellenewnham Thanks. We made a simple paper prototype and found it was just much more effective than starting with blank Post-its. Then wanted a nicer set of them (and to let other folk try them out too :) so we turned to Kickstarter. If anyone has any questions about Kernel cards, I'm happy to answer here or on our Kickstarter page. Thanks for hunting us. Steve
David RogersonProduct Owner of E-lucid
Backed it!