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Tim Hoover
VP of Product and Design, Canary
Thanks for posting Duane! We've created a discount code for any hunters that may be interesting in purchasing. Use 'producthunt' at checkout to receive a 15% off discount—good until the end of the year. www.kernandburnbook.com
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Duane Wilson✌️
Product : Design & Development
From the Authors "Kern and Burn is an online and print publication that curates discussions, interviews and essays. We invite design entrepreneurs—those who pursue self-initiated projects, think for themselves, and channel personal passions into self-made careers—to share their perspectives. They are designers who dream big and burn the midnight oil to forge their own paths. Kern and Burn is a collaborative effort between Jessica Karle Heltzel, Tim Hoover and you."
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Sham JaffAuthor, journalist
Thanks! Just purchased one. Great design!