Instant organic fruit & veggie drink. Now available.

We transform fresh, organic fruit and veggies into convenient drink packs that are easy to consume. Each kencko packet contains approx 200 grs of nutritious organic fruit & veg and nothing else.

Just mix kencko with your favorite liquid and your 2 servings/day are ready to drink!

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23 Reviews4.8/5
After showing a glimpse of the beta-testing version of our product back in November, and receiving so much love and feedback from the PRODUCT HUNT beta-testers community for 6 months, with great insights on how to improve & iterate the product, it allowed us to bring todays version quicker. Thanks once again for all the positive & negative feedback you gave. We are super happy to introduce you the first Instant Organic Fruit & Veg drink: ✓ Each 20g pouch = 160g of fresh organic fruit & veg = 2 servings of fruit & veg ✓ New and more Flexible Packs - Pack of 10, 30 and 60 units ✓ Build your pack - Customize your kit from our 6 new flavors ✓ Yes, we also bring you KOMBUCHA - organic vegan probiotics ✓ Improved Texture - More liquid and pulp free ✓ No added sugars or sweeteners ✓ New re-usable Bottle BPA-Free - Brand new ergonomic & dishwasher safe As appreciation, we're offering limited exclusive Founding Member prices for the PRODUCT HUNT community, up to 30% lifetime discount - forever. Use the following code - producthunt - for an extra 5% - 35% total.
@tomasbarrosfroes Tomás, congrats on this launch. The food & beverage world really needs this kind of products right now. Hope you will see the traction it deserves!
@ipears Thanks for your support Jan, do think so too.
@tomasbarrosfroes Love the idea, presentation, and transparency around the brand and product. Also, THANK YOU for the massive savings for us first adopters. My wife and I decided to jump in after realizing that instead of buying a $5-6 juice like we normally do, we could save a ton of money and health by jumping in on the 60 packs (1 a day for me and my spouse). The 30% savings for first adopters, plus the additional savings for this community really shows that you care more about the adoption of your hard work rather than just $$$. So again thank you. One question, is there any way currently to purchase another bottle for those of us who will be sharing with significant others? Thanks!
@nolanmccoy Thanks Nolan for the support and kind words on kencko :) And also for pointing a good add-on for us, we'll be adding that option soon :)

Extremely enjoyable good quality way of having a juice. Convenience and how easily it dilutes on water are also great pros. So far had a very enjoyable experience and great to see products of this quality being launched.


Quality, convenience


Need to have water around

Have been testing Kencko for a few weeks now, and have really enjoyed the simplicity of the product. It tastes great, is simple to make and has definitely increased my consumption of fruit and veg!


Great flavour. Super simple to make. I'm a fan!


None that I can see so far!

I've been an avid user of the kencko products for a while. I love how I can get my 5-a-day so easily and with so much taste. I like to mix it up and use it in different ways.

My busy lifestyle means that my routines are mostly around my family and work and it's easy to overlook yourself. Kencko kinda cut that corner for me.


It's practical, transparent about the use and benefits and tastes really good!


Not sure actually! I'm a huge fan.

When there is a middle man there is corners to be cut and profit to be made. Get the real fruit and avoid making someone rich by cutting corners and spending more. Vegan Non-processed (packaged by man) By nutrition not taste Non-GMO
@androidlove that's right Carlos. By selling directly-to-consumer we avoid brick-and-mortar costs and retail markups (middle man) and pass the savings to you.