The first Instant organic 🍓 fruit & veggie drink

We transform fresh, organic fruit and veggies into convenient drink packs that are easy to consume. Each kencko packet contains approx 200 grs of nutritious organic fruit & veg and nothing else.

Just mix kencko with your favorite liquid and your 2 servings/day are ready to drink!

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I've been an avid user of the kencko products for a while. I love how I can get my 5-a-day so easily and with so much taste. I like to mix it up and use it in different ways.

My busy lifestyle means that my routines are mostly around my family and work and it's easy to overlook yourself. Kencko kinda cut that corner for me.


It's practical, transparent about the use and benefits and tastes really good!


Not sure actually! I'm a huge fan.

Hi @abadesi, PH! We’re super excited to pre-launch on PH and introduce kencko to the PH community! kencko is all about combining the goodness of organic fruit & veg with convenience and portability. Forget peeling. Forget juicing. Forget getting your fruit beaten up in your bag or leaving your veggies to rotten in your fridge. Forget skipping your 10 a day because you’re too busy to squeeze and clean the mess afterwards or constantly on the go (on a business trip, camping, backpacking, on a boat). Grab a packet of kencko (7oz of produce --> 0.7oz of powder), mix it with your favorite liquid and your 2-3 servings/day are ready to drink in <1m! No blenders needed. Just shake it, baby! kencko is all natural. We add no sugars or additives. All it has is the plain goodness of freshly harvested produce. Head over to if you want to read what our early testers have said about kencko. With their help we’ve been working on improving kencko and will officially launch kencko in early 2018.
We've been getting some questions on whether kencko is meant to be a fresh fruit & veg replacement, so we thought we should make it straight that by all means NO! We love fresh fruit & veg too much. Some of us even grow fruit & veg and will continue doing so. However, precisely because we can't live without our 10-a-day, and because it's not always practical to source them, prepare them or carry them around, we have created kencko. fruit & veggie goodness - hassle = kencko

Wow, I´ve been drinking kencko for 1 month and I might say it became an healthy addiction :)

From a business point of view I could say this guys could became the "nespresso" of organic, nourishing and pleasurable drink/juice. And at the end of the day all the other product details make you feel a premium consumer (never lose this!)


tasty, nourishing, light, easy to prepare, perfect combination of fruit and veggies


nothing to add at date

This is such an exciting innovation @eva_cabral please tell us more about why you started this company 🍊🍏🍌🍇

Really enjoyed it!