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Hey everyone! Greg here -- COO and Co-Founder of Kello. Shoot if you have any question!
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@gregmarkarian Is the music integration done from scratch (spotify, etc.) or did you use a third party SDK? Any chance Kello gets Google Cast for Audio/Google Play Music integration?
@thatmattgardner we work with a dedicated audio chip. This helps us support new services faster. Once/if Google Play Music open their API to 3rd party hardware vendors Kello will support it. Cast is a little trickier though - to date it requires more computing power than we have
Hey there! I don't know about you but I'm pretty bad at waking up in time (at getting up at all if we're being honest) I know I shouldn't use my phone as an alarm clock and turn it off before I go to bed instead of browsing imgur for hours... Kello might be a good solution for me. It is an advanced sleep trainer that helps you fall asleep, snooze less, tune your body clock... What do you think?
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This looks great! Just backed you on Kickstarter & can't wait to fix my mornings.. Good luck with the goal and manufacturing :)
The team is here live! Would love to speak with you!!! Get better sleep soon!
Hi Greg - This seems really interesting. Just backed you as well! Seems like you'll do exceeding well with this - $63,000 out of $50,000 last I checked.
@j_rouser Yep; we're really stocked by the response of the community!