Keikai 1.0

Turn your Excel files into Web Apps Easily

Keikai effortlessly turns your Excel files into secured and integrated Web applications. Whether it is a sales report, overtime sheet, finance model, project tracking, or, literally anything.
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Hello Everyone, Most of us rely heavily on Excel: statistics, budgeting, project tracking, finance models, etc.. However, Excel is a stand-alone system, it is very difficult to integrate Excel data to your database or reuse in other systems. Users often have to manually upload, copy/paste, or email Excel files around. Keikai was born to solve this problem with minimum effort. With Keikai, turning your Excel files into secured Web Apps cannot get any easier. Keikai lets you enjoy the same spreadsheet experience without manual routines -- your data is now populated from your app instead of manual input; tailored report can be generated in just one click instead of copy & pasting repeatedly; workflow involving multiple users is now accessible from any browser, by any authorized end user and supervisor. Keikai made our daily Excel tasks faster and easier. What are you waiting for? Try Keikai today and let us know how you like it!
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Big fan here. Keikai is a part of my move away from Gsuite and owning my data. Well done.