Fastest web spreadsheet for Big Data

Keikai is designed and architected for big data. With frame-based rendering and super light-weight data structure, it is the fastest web spreadsheet regardless of size.

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Currently its trial is only on invited base.


Looks interesting and promising.


not Python yet

Impressive! Can I have a trial?
Great job !! Is it helpful for non tech users and could this be integrated with Excel and Airtable other spreadsheets. I would like to have an trial before I proceed for the pro one.
@ayush_chandra Basically you can load your data from database or other sources through our API or import an Excel file. Once it is in the browser the operating experience is just like using Excel. Please drop us an email at and we'll be glad to do a quick demo and comment on your specific use case, and arrange early trial access for you.
@_jacksmith, Thanks so much for hunting us! On behalf of Keikai team, I'm more than happy to announce that Keikai is now released! We are now living in a world overwhelmed with data, and Keikai is created for dealing with big data smooth and fast :) Feel free to check out our website:
Cool! Is it something similar to Google Sheet?
@elenal Thanks for checking out Keikai! Keikai is an embeddable component that brings spreadsheet functionalities into your Web application