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#4 Product of the DayJune 17, 2019
Keigo is an app that uses AI assisted psychometrics to visualize how your personality traits differ to a counterpart. Using Keigo’s proprietary algorithms and the power of IBM Watson artificial intelligence, Keigo assesses personality types via social media.
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9 Reviews4.4/5

The introvert in me needed this for a while, worth playing around with!


Nice Twitter integration for fast analysis


Would like to analyze my Linkedin contacts also.

Hello Chris, Thank you! Indeed, Linkedin ja FB would be great! Sincerely, Keigo team
Interesting product. Any advice on how to make the most out of Keigo?
@joose Thank you for your interest – I hope these ideas are helpful. 5 ways to go Keigo – for free!   1. Take the visual assessment! Sprain your brain by putting pictures in order that describe you best.   2. Keigo your favorite celebrity! Imagine you are about to meet that special someone on a date or for biz.    3. Ask for 360-degree cross-evaluations! How do others see you? There is only one way to find out. Fire out many requests!    4. Analyze your last meaningful meeting! Go over your last meeting with a friend or associate: Use AI for Twitter active, use sliders for others.   5. Pick your favorite tips! Start gathering worthwhile psychological insights. Ideas you want to remember and take up.

Just analysing yourself and creating your own profile is very interesting. I showed Keigo to a few colleagues and they all thought that already was very useful. Starting to analyse and match yourself with others is then the next level.


Brings professional psychometrics to everyones finger tips with a clean, simple and easy to use UX.


I am a LinkedIn heavy user and would love to get that data source available as soon as possible.

Hello Juho, Thank you for your review! This is how you can go Keigo on your Linkedin contacts. See if the up and coming conversation partner has written any blogs or articles. Then copy all of the texts into “AI” => “AI analysis by free text” – and you are good to go.
Keigo – Mutual Understanding Assisted by AI   Keigo is here to help you to be the best version of yourself. In case you have an important interview, a first date or a social event. Imagine what your life will be like when you connect just a little better with the people you meet?   Keigo brings applied psychological insights for everyone. It combines social styles, personal advice, other peoples´ perceptions and artificial intelligence – and provides an easy user experience.

I spent the weekend analyzing myself, friends and colleagues. It’s super fascinating seeing how you compare to others.


I feel like I know myself more after using the app


Can’t think of anything at the moment

Hello Tiina, Thank you! We want to bring applied psychology to everyone in an accessible and contemporary manner. In art and labor, Keigo team