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women's 2-in-1 fertility tracker & kegel trainer

kegg is the first 2-in-1 wearable to help women conceive naturally, faster. The device doubles as a kegel trainer to help strengthen the pelvic floor while it analyzes her cervical mucus, the only metric to determine cyclical conception.
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Kristina Cahojova
CEO @kegg_tech
Hey Hunters! Kristina here, Founder and CEO of kegg. Very excited to be able to share our wearable with you all. Today we have drones, autonomous cars, and yet, women are still being told to access their fertile window and cyclical insight by using their...fingers. There are no fertility monitors in the market that were accurate and convenient, so I built one and put it in a vibrating kegel device to help women strengthen their pelvic floor too. This process takes approx. 2 minutes and can be used at home, on an as-need basis. kegg is the first medical consumer device to sense changes in a woman's cervical fluid to detect her full fertile window up to 7 days in advance. Our beta testers find that kegg allows them and their male partners to plan ahead and maximize their chances of conception without the added stress. We just launched on Indiegogo yesterday and would love your help in bringing our product to life! Check out our campaign and please help spread the word: http://bit.ly/2N0fZ1b Let me know if you have any questions, I'm happy to help :)
Wing Vasiksiri
Venture @ AngelList
I've been observing from the sidelines how hard this team has been working to get the product up to this point. Super impressed with the love and care they've put into getting this campaign live. I'm very excited to be the one to hunt this product and share it with everyone here!