Keezy 6.0

A colorful soundboard. Play with music.

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Absolute fan of Keezy, Drummer, and Pasquale's work. Keep up the good stuff!
YESSS, I love Keezy, as someone that used to want to become a music producer, these types of apps I will always love
I'm still waiting for a drum machine app that adds elements from Rockband. Have instructions for what to tap next come in just in time for you to play a beat. Then I could play the song Reggie made while getting deeper into the app. It doesn't have to be jewels falling from the sky like Rockband -- maybe a pulse emanating from the center of a cell that you need to tap when you reach the edge. Like this:
Keezy first launched over a year ago and while it was well designed and super fun, there was no way to save and share my world-class music (trust me, I think I created the best song in the world). 6.0 add saving and sharing so everyone can hear my amazing creations (more on the update here). Here's a fun video with @reggiewatts (love this guy):
Hey hey! Glad you're having fun with Keezy. Sorry I didn't pop in here earlier. We're all about to take a trip to Europe to cool off before the next great installment of Keezy. ✌🏻