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Welcome to PH, @pasql! I'm curious - will Keezy ever have a "record" mode? Or the ability to listen to stuff other people have recorded? It would be cool!
I'm still at the dentist. I can't feel my face. This is amazing.
Love the animations @pasql ...for the people new to Keezy, check out this vid for advanced techniques (and to be amazed):
Hi! I'm Pasquale. I'm one half of Keezy (the other is a very talented engineer named Jarod Luebbert). The fellas invited me to do an AMA. Shoot any questions through!
@nbashaw We've been thinking about "record" a lot. Record is something that's typically pretty cumbersome in audio software. You have to deal with boring things like trimming, exporting & hosting. If we do something like recording, we want to do it in a way nobody has ever seen before. Something amazing, yet intuitive enough that anybody could use it. We have a few ideas around this, but we don't want to ruin the surprise or make any promises.