Portable WiFi solution that unblocks content worldwide

The Keezel is a revolutionary portable security device that protects all your devices on any WiFi network (coffee shop, hotel, airport or at home) with strong encryption, ad blocking and anti phishing protection. After a $1MM+ Indiegogo campaign the product are using Keezel in 125+ countries.

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How is this better than using "normal" VPN like ExpressVPN etc.?
@marekfort not better, But only easier. Plus the conveniance that connections that are made before the vpn is Active can't get through.
Great solution for Chromecast or Apple TV users. Backed.
Is it possible to use other VPN services with this device?
@eonpilot No. It's a closed system designed for novice users, not tweakers
@guidokok I only asked since netflix is famously banning vpn ip ranges on a whim. So one might need to change down the road to watch the last episode of House of cards.
@eonpilot @guidokok Good thing is that we have several VPN partners whose servers you can use. In addition Keezel has a feature called 'Keezel to Keezel' where you leave one at home and take the other one while travelling. This way you can connect to your home IP-address and use the internet as if you are at home.
@frisoschmid @guidokok now thats a killer feature! Love it.
Hi everyone! Thanks for putting us on Product Hunt. Our goal with Keezel was to make VPN (which we think is great) easy to use for everyone. Some advantages of Keezel over traditional VPN software are: 1. You can use it with Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Sonos etc. 2. We combine the VPN networks of our partners (Le VPN, PureVPN and ProXPN), into 1 seriously large VPN-network 3. Our partners have no traffic logging policies + they never know the identity of the Keezel customers. 4. With Keezel there is no risk of side leaks and if the VPN tunnel 'drops' no data shall pass. 5. Easy to use with multiple devices at the same time (like in a hotel situation, where you get 1 voucher, which you can now use on your Keezel and enjoy VPN on all your devices)