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Keey is a well thought of iPad app that bridges the gap in music making, especially for entry level users. As a producer of 7 years, I experienced the friction of learning to make beats at the start, all the Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) were simply complicated either by its complicated/clogged user interface or just too much features I didn't need at the time. Most existing beat makers don't sufficiently support entry level users, I have seen a number of people tweet of how frustrating their experiences were. I always try to combine my passion with music and coding, so I knew whatever I had to do for my final year project will have to revolve around music and potentially solve a problem. After months of brainstorming and ideas, I came up with keey inspired by conversations and previous experiences shared with me and my friends who are also passionate about music and have given beat making a go! I'd like you guys to give it a go and see what you think! follow the un-boarding tutorial and you'll be making beats in seconds :D. I'd consider keey as a producers notebook which can be leveraged by music lovers/aspiring music producers!
Beautiful and easy to use beat making app, it's definitely a producers notebook and a beginners guide for aspiring music lovers and producers
Someone should point out that this is IPAD ONLY. I'll check it out in a couple minutes :)
Keey is beautiful. I have never made a beat before in my life but im banging out professional beats using this app. Its very easy to use and its interface is prepossessing.. I definetely recommend the app!
It's a neat exploration and fun app for someone who has never made music before — well done. One note. "I have seen a number of people tweet of how frustrating there experiences were". On the one hand it is fantastic to offer these turnkey solutions to "creativity" so the novice user feels empowered to be part of the process of creation and may seek to explore it further understanding basic concepts, and on the other it is valuable to learn how to use a paintbrush before complaining about the act of painting.
@303 Thank you! I plan on improving the on boarding experience and even make more tutorials and I believe will be a great for users!