Organize & Save your kids' artwork, schoolwork and mementos

Great app, I use it to keep my kids artwork from school, and I can add my own data on top. simple and beautiful for parents.
@liatmord Thank you @liatmord for using Keepy to save your kids' artwork and schoolwork. Keep on Keepying on
@liatmord thank or hunting @keepyme. I am Offir Gutelzon, CEO and Co-founder, I am here to answer any question. Keepy is helping parents save their kids memories such as artwork schoolwork and mementos in a private way with voice and video narration.
I'm lovin' it!
What I really love in Keepy is that its so simple - I trained my kids to use it and now they simply upload their artwork to Keepy by themselves.
@liatmord Thanks Liat, you can always come back later and edit the photos to make sure they are being save in the best shape forever
My wife and I use it to reduce guilt when throwing away our daughter's school artwork :-)
@adamb0mb Thank you Adam