40% of women leave tech mid-career. Let's change that!

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Joost Schuur@joostschuur · Platform Evangelist, Playmob
A worthy cause, but a bit of an awkward name, given the term 'kept woman' perhaps?
Nina PatkaiMaker@creativemovesd ·, CEO & Founder, @userium
@joostschuur Thanks for your comment! It's hard to find a good, short domain name nowadays. The idea was 'keep women in tech', but that would have been too long. :)
Nina PatkaiMaker@creativemovesd ·, CEO & Founder, @userium
@joostschuur We got lots of feedback about our domain name and now changed our domain to ! :)
Nina PatkaiMaker@creativemovesd ·, CEO & Founder, @userium
Hi! I'm the founder of We help skilled women explore their opportunities in tech. Over 40% of women leave tech mid-career. Our goal is to reduce the amount of women leaving tech and help companies increase the diversity of their workforce. In addition Europe, amongst other countries, faces a shortage of over 800 000 IT workers by 2020. We need to retain skilled workers in tech. Would love to hear your feedback! You can also email me at Thanks!
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace@kkdub · 🎯Strategist for Hire
Hiring and training new employees is extremely expensive, and years can pass before a new employee will add as much value to an organization as a veteran employee does. Because of that, another tactic your organization might use (you know, in your free time!) is too It make an make an economic case to companies that are reluctant to implement policies that encourage more hospitable working conditions for everyone in midlife and beyond, not only women. Team member retention goes up -- and productivity -- in most cases.
Seth Louey@sethlouey · 🙌 2017 & 2016 Maker of the Year Nominee
This is an interesting concept, but is it really solving the problem? Is the reason women are leaving the tech industry because of the lack of opportunities?
Nina PatkaiMaker@creativemovesd ·, CEO & Founder, @userium
@sethlouey Thanks for your comment! Based on the research we have done, many women leave tech due to e.g. working conditions (low salary, no advancement), work-life balance (too much travelling, commuting), or the company environment (cultural "fit"). Many women who we have talked to are looking for flexible working hours, personal development opportunities and workforce diversity. With we try to provide options and show e.g. which companies offer remote work, and how diverse are they.
Brent@brntsllvn · Amateur dog-walker
For context/benchmarking: how many men leave tech mid-career?
Nina PatkaiMaker@creativemovesd ·, CEO & Founder, @userium
@brntsllvn Not sure, but in 2010, according to, "56 percent of technical women leave at the “mid-level” point just when the loss of their talent is most costly to companies. This is more than double the quit rate for men."
Brent@brntsllvn · Amateur dog-walker
@creativemovesd Wow. I might highlight the disparity rather than the absolute ("Twice as many women leave tech mid-career as men."), but I get your point! Admirable ambition.