KeepSolid Sign

Electronic signature app to streamline your paperwork

Get rid of tedious print-and-scan routine with KeepSolid Sign - an elaborated eSignature solution for macOS, iOS, Android, Windows, and browsers. We set a course to the future - are you with us?

  • Igor Gorbenko
    Igor GorbenkoSaaS Marketing Manager

    Easy to create a document with signature and request a signature form 2nd party.


    Not free :(

    Probably the easiest way to get a signature.

    Scan, upload, define signature space, sign, define signature space for second party, send email, wait, get the document back with both signatures.

    Igor Gorbenko has used this product for one month.
  • Igor Yatsenko
    Igor YatsenkoDigital Marketing Manager

    I like that it is a multiplatform app, and I can use it seamlessly on my Mac, iPhone and iPad.


    It is a very simple app comparing to their big competitors like Adobe or Docusign.

    At the moment it does the job I need - paste the signature field as well as dates and names on the contract and send it. It also syncs all my documents between my devices. And it is cheaper than their nearest competitors, but definitely only on its start.

    Igor Yatsenko has used this product for one month.
Hey guys! 👋 Big thanks to Kevin @kwdinc for hunting us! I am the CEO of KeepSolid Inc. When we started 4 years ago, the company consisted of me and half a dozen programmers, coding day and night. Since then, KeepSolid has grown to over hundred workers and has gathered a broad experience of developing IT solutions for personal and corporate use. Today, I’m proud to present to you our newest brainchild - KeepSolid Sign. We just released our 1.0 version and it took us 3 years... With KeepSolid Sign you can: Sign PDF documents with electronic signatures and send them for signing fast and safe Manage documents on all your favorite devices, on the go, and even when offline Monitor the status of your documents in real time Organize and speed up your paperflow with custom templates KeepSolid Sign is a cross-platform solution available on iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, and web browsers. Here is a small story of all the challenges we faced creating the product I and the team will be happy to hear what you think about KeepSolid Sign in the comments, and are ready to answer any questions! But please remember, this is only 1.0 version and a lot is yet to come. And wait, there’s more! For you, our hunters, we’ve prepared a special promo code - SIGNLOVESPH with a 20% discount on any plan. Feel free to use it any time. Cheers!
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Looks promising. Nice tool.
@eugenelata Thank you, Eugene 😍
Great job!! Super useful 😊
Why did you decided to create the product/What is the main idea of your app? There are lots of other alternatives on the market already. What will the future be look like for KeepSolid Sign?
@oscar_brunn Thank you for the questions, Oscar. The main goal that we’ve set for ourselves with KeepSolid Sign development was to make a mundane task of document signing convenient and swift. Also, our experience with previous products taught us the importance of customer centricity. After all, it doesn’t matter if you’ve invented the most effective solution in the world if no one adopts it. Before the launch of the full version, we conducted a beta and got more than 4K users on board. We got priceless feedback. And that was the best reward for us. It inspires and we continue working to improve our service and make easier your everyday workflow. We are working to become better and better every day, so the time will show. We’ve just released v1.0, but we are getting ready for the next updated with new features as Digital Signature, audit trail user authentification added. So, please stay tuned.
Just checked Windows and Android apps - navigation looks the same on both apps, so it is quite easy to use. I like the arrows which show what to do next, quite helpful. So, everything seems nice, though I am not a frequent e-signature user.
@di_ry Thanks a lot. We designed the same user flow / scenario for all platforms our app is available on, so it means, it is really friendly and convenient to use.