Keepsafe Unlisted

Protect your phone number, private texts and calls

Need new phone numbers? With Unlisted, get additional phone numbers to protect your personal information, make private calls and send/receive texts & photos. Create new private numbers to use for dates, buying & selling online, work calls - anything!

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9 Reviews5.0/5
Hello Product Hunt - Erik here! I’m the Product Manager for Unlisted (and LineUp’s founder). It’s been exciting to join the team at Keepsafe and rollout a new, improved second phone number app with Unlisted. For this launch, we’ve built renewable subscriptions for new numbers that come with ten free texts or call minutes. Unlisted also uses a Keepsafe account and has the sleek design of a Keepsafe app. And for those of you wondering, the Android app is coming soon and already underway! It’s been an exhilarating ride preparing for Unlisted’s launch. I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback on Product Hunt today.
@estromlund Does it receive texts properly from shortcode numbers? For example, I am using a Sideline number with some banking tools and they never get verification texts.
@imatincr This is tricky since shortcode numbers have a different routing behavior that requires an app like ours to separately negotiate with each sender in order to receive their messages. In practice, this means that Unlisted can receive messages from many shortcode numbers, typically those that use a provider like Twilio, but not shortcode numbers that do their own thing. Unfortunately banks often fall into this latter category. I know "it depends" isn't the best answer, but I hope this helps!
Looks awesome

This is a great product if you need a 2nd number to separate things in your life. Super easy to use and very reliable. If you're looking for a more complex phone system, this is not ideal for you


Super easy to use and reliable


Not perfect for business use case when multiple people need to receive the same number

Hi PH! Today we’re presenting a new privacy app to the Product Hunt community: Keepsafe Unlisted on iOS. With Unlisted, you can get short and long-term phone numbers in any US or CA location. Use Unlisted to protect your personal number and for private texts and calls. We’re thrilled to have recently acquired LineUp and its talented founding team to launch Unlisted. The app still has LineUp’s easy-to-use features and pricing transparency. We’ve also given it a design overhaul to make it even more intuitive and delightful to use. Now more than ever, people need to take their personal privacy into their own hands. It’s our mission to give people the tools to do so. With Unlisted, we’re growing Keepsafe’s family of simple privacy and security apps. One Keepsafe account works across our apps — including Unlisted. People tell us that Unlisted helps them separate their personal lives and protects them when they’re dating or buying and selling online. We hope you’ll give it a try and share questions and comments with our team on PH today.
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out !