Keepsafe Shared Albums

Invite friends to a secure, shared photo album

KeepSafe Shared Albums is a secure space for sharing pictures and comments with special people that also protects their privacy.

  • Jessica Taylor
    Jessica TaylorMarketing@Keepsafe

    Easy and fun to use. There's nothing like knowing someone has added a photo to your shared album.


    Have to install Keepsafe to view the photos, but that way they are always protected behind a PIN screen.

    Comments are easy to use. Great way to share photos and experiences with your besties.

    Jessica Taylor has used this product for one month.
  • Tim Jones
    Tim JonesProduct Growth Manager @ Keepsafe

    Fun features for users who really want to hide their private photos. Good for backup on items you don't want in Google Photos.


    You need to pay in order to backup more than 5000 items. Thankfully Im not even close to that limit.

    They're a company that focuses on privacy and have other apps in the space. Tend to trust them more than other smaller-time competitors.

    Tim Jones has used this product for one year.
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Zouhair Belkoura
Zouhair BelkouraMaker@zouhairb · Founder, KeepSafe
Hi Product Hunt! This is Zouhair from Keepsafe. We’re excited to introduce the Product Hunt community to our biggest feature update in Keepsafe Photo Vault since our launch in 2012 — Keepsafe Shared Albums! 65 million people have downloaded Keepsafe Photo Vault to keep personal photos, videos and documents on their phone private. We’ve spent the past year working on shared albums (now in beta) to get it right. We’ve taken care to make sure that people stay in control of their privacy, even when they are sharing. Keepsafe Shared albums are a protected way to share photos and comments with friends. Friends join Keepsafe with a one time-use invitation code. Anyone invited to a Keepsafe shared album can add photos and comment on them. Also important to note is that photos in private albums stay private unless they are moved to a shared album. Photo-sharing apps are a dime a dozen. But none of these social interactions put privacy first. Shared albums on Keepsafe Photo Vault fix this problem. Keepsafe Shared Albums require PIN access to Keepsafe from all parties. Shared albums are great for couples’ pictures; sharing vacation, wedding and/or reunion photos with friends; even sharing photos of your kids with family (rather than over-sharing on social media). Since Shared Albums is in public beta, we want to hear how it’s working and what your suggestions are for improving the experience! Please share your questions and feedback with our team on Product Hunt today.
Vineet Devaiah
Vineet Devaiah@vineet · CEO @TeliportME
Always loved keepsafe products !
Mayank Mehta
Mayank Mehta@mayank_mehta
How would I use this and Google Photos together?
Alicia Wang
Alicia WangMaker@alicia_wang
@mayank_mehta Hi there! Many of our users use Keepsafe along with other photo backup solution like google photos. Keepsafe shared albums offer a superior level of privacy. With content behind a pin code, it offers privacy from other users - kids, siblings, friends - who might be on your mobile device. And you can have view-only control of your photos with a single-use link. Let us know what you think!
Jarah Euston
Jarah Euston@jarah_euston · Co-founder, Nexla
Am I notified if someone saves a photo to their phone or takes a screen shot?
Alicia Wang
Alicia WangMaker@alicia_wang
@jarah_euston Great question! This is definitely on our product roadmap as our users value their privacy first. Let us know if there are other things you'd be interested in seeing - we're looking forward to your feedback!
Andreea @afakerele
Really interesting concept! How does it compare to setting a facebook album private?
Alicia Wang
Alicia WangMaker@alicia_wang
@afakerele Like fb private albums, you can cherry pick who sees your photos and enjoy comments within a private group. However, Keepsafe adds an an additional layer of control by restricting download and sharing by others. Many of our users appreciate the fact that Keepsafe is completely outside the google photos, icloud and facebook ecosystems. Separate contacts and separate ecosystems for work vs personal means that there's less room for error. What we hear the most is that users trust Keepsafe because our business model is built on privacy - not selling your information to others.