Keepsafe Browser gives you control to surf effortlessly and discreetly with PIN-code protection, secret tabs and tracker blockers. Keepsafe Browser was designed to protect your privacy so only you know where you’ve been or where you’re going.

  • Rob Phillips
    Rob PhillipsiOS/web dev

    Simple, nice design and interaction, easy to trust since it's more transparent


    I'd eventually like to long press on something to hide it for good on pages I visit often (e.g. Facebook's "news" section)

    Gets out of your way and pages load super fast. It seems faster than other browsers, maybe because there's less tracking? Either way, kudos to that

    Rob Phillips has used this product for one week.
  • Jessica Taylor
    Jessica TaylorMarketing@Keepsafe

    So easy to use. Tracker blockers work great. Animations are beautiful.



    It's completely replaced my OS browsers.

    Jessica Taylor has used this product for one month.
Hello Product Hunt! It’s great to introduce you to Keepsafe’s newest privacy app. Today we’re launching Keepsafe Browser on iOS and Android. Keepsafe Browser was designed to protect your privacy so you can surf the web discreetly. Online privacy is an urgent issue and giving people the freedom to browse where they like without fear of being found out or followed is core to our mission. Keepsafe Browser is perfect for people who want to search for sensitive information privately, those who want to share devices without having their history compromised, or anyone who wants to avoid data surveillance and tracking generally. We’ve created a browser that makes searching fast while giving people controls to protect their privacy and data security how they want. People can lock their app with a PIN code, use tabs that delete session data and block ad, social, analytics and content trackers. Keepsafe Browser means you get to decide when you value privacy over convenience (and want to store cookies and urls locally to return to web pages and stay logged into sites). Please try the app and share questions and comments with our team on PH today. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.
Hi. How is this different/better hang DuckDuckGo or Aloha, which also includes a green VPN? Congrats on the launch.
@lyondhur thanks for the question. While making Keepsafe Browser we focused on simplicity. We believe that the users should not have to know and understand the underlying technologies. It is our job to provide them with a simple and easy to use tool such that they can start taking back control of their online privacy. This is the first version. We plan to iterate quickly on this product, listen to feedback and make it even better.
@ekurutepe appreciate the response. So, it would block out content tracking, but does it not provide full anonymity or user tracking per se then?
@lyondhur the normal white tab will block trackers and 3rd party cookies. The secure purple tab (iOS only) will block everything and wipe any cookies, caches etc associated with it as soon as you close the current tab.