KeepSafe 6

Keep your personal stuff secure

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Mac version and doc support makes it useful beyond photos. Major step forward.
@m2jr would you be comfortable sharing what the venture capital strategy is for KeepSafe? I get the value, but is the market at a scale that supports the 10x return you generally seek?
KeepSafe keeps your personal photos and videos private by locking them behind an easy-to-use PIN pad, giving you control over who sees what. The app works on any device you want, from Android phone to iOS tablet. And you'll never lose your stuff because the Private Cloud backs up and stores up to 5,000 files.
@kwdinc We also released the Mac version yesterday. Plus document support.
Always a little concerned when the Website footer is out of date 🙈
@bentossell Oh damn.. Didn't notice that. They are really popular though!
@kwdinc I see it on so many sites! They should use Update Your Footer 2016 🤓
@kwdinc @bentossell argh, that's because we're a mobile-first product. thanks for pointing this out.
Great product. Document support is great. My photos are boring.... my docs are not. ;) Congrats on the new update.