Simplest iOS app for storing private information and media

#2 Product of the DayJanuary 05, 2015
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*Fake Pin* is a killer feature. Perfect for when you're kidnapped at knife-point and forced to surrender your pin. Love it.
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Really strong design and presentation, but without a desktop/browser plugin, 1Password feels more functional all around. 1Password doesn't have your aesthetic but works beautifully.
@jbriscoe One important thing to note is that 1Password is specialized for storing website passwords, while Keeply is for storing credit cards, pins, private notes and other media.
@aljazfajmut 1Password also supports storing all those kinds of information (and more).
I just like that the company that makes this is called In-App Shrimp
Not to reduce the tone of the conversation, but did you manage to sneak a nipple into one of your AppStore screenshots..?! #risky
Would love to know just how safe all my information is with this. It feels like a SnapchatGate just waiting to happen. Other than that I love the idea.