Learn languages with GIFs. Create your own dictionary.

This app is for you to build your own dictionary and make your learning experience a breeze. It's completely free, no ads & no strings attached. Personal dictionary. Learn any language you want.

Source code is available on GitHub:

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Hello Product Hunt! Feel free to ask me anything! I also appreciate any feedback or suggestions.
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@jacekm Perhaps the most entertaining way to learn languages so far!
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@abadesi Thank you!
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@jacekm This is huge. I think your work is revolutionary.
Clever, @jacekm. Are you manually matching GIFs with words or have you automated that?
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@rrhoover thanks, process is semi automatic. Entered word is being translated to English then app queries giphy database. User has option to choose the best gif from generated list.
Smart way to engage visual learners in the language learning process!
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