Quickly curate your images on iPhone.

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@eddit and I have wanted to develop a product together for some time so we attended a local @mobelux hackathon earlier this year. The theme was “saving time” so we came up with Keepers, a way to quickly compare and curate your iPhone photos. We were able to complete a rough alpha which got a lot of attention and won two awards. We figured we had a good idea on our hands so, after a good number of late nights, we recently launched Keepers on the app store. We hope you like it and find it helpful in keeping only your best photos.
love the idea, but wish there was a way to test with a tiny batch for free and then pay to unlock in app - any plans for something like this?
@passingnotes we were just talking about that very thing yesterday. Definitely something we are looking into to take down that barrier for people experiencing the app. Thanks for the feedback!
I click a lot of pics and I basically end up manually doing what Keepers is doing and it is a pain. Obligatory - any plans for Android? :) I have a massive library of pics from my old phones, hard drives and dslr, have you considered a desktop app as well in the future?
@sarthakgrover Thanks for the note! If the demand is there, we would definitely consider porting it over to Android. It would be a decent undertaking since it's not just the UI, but it's also working very tightly with photos in iCloud as well. As far as a desktop app, not sure. We talked about it on multiple platforms when we conceived the idea, but found the pain point to be on mobile devices the most, with smaller storage and the ease of which people take hundreds of photos all the time, but you never know.
@iamvogey Makes sense, I like the approach, do 1 thing and do it really well (and mobile makes sense with limited screen space etc). You can expand later if need be =) If there is a sign up list for Android, you have one more user waiting to try it out there. Cheers!