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@shanisilver the curation seems to be women only. Any chance keep will be representing the other 50(+)% of the population?
@rawrawray Hi Raymond, great question. While most of the Keeps currently trending are products for women, you will find countless Keeps for men as well. Simply search "men" to get a full range of menswear, etc, or feel free to get more specific with your search terms.
@shanisilver thanks for the help! I'm curious on why the team did not identify menswear as its own category?
@rawrawray Another great question. Keep is crowd-sourced commerce, the community posts their favorite products from across all of ecommerce. They bring in what they love. We set out to attract and appeal to an audience of women in their 20s and 30s because they love shopping. Just like Amazon started with books, we've started here. We look forward to expanding when the time is right.
@shanisilver Keep looks cool and the Street Style section is a great idea! How do you see Keep as similar/different from @springnyc?
who wants to help us curate a fashion hunt collection? :)
This app is addictive. Like, I delete it regularly but it somehow always ends up right back on my home screen!
Something (apparently) missing from Keep is the connection between taste and trends. A viewer's tastes are a key factor in what surfaces as trending. This would also solve @rawrawray's issue.
@tymrtn Hi, Shani from Keep here - can you clarify what you find missing? User engagement absolutely drives what trends on Keep, and individual interactions with Keeps drives what gets viewed in "you may also like" segments on every detail page. Additionally, Keepers create their own feed by following friends and others in the community... thereby, a feed of the "tastes" they'll like most.
@shanisilver so you're saying it builds a profile of who I am based on who I follow? That would take a long time to build accurately to the point of being useful (unless I'm like everyone else - which I'm not thankfully). Trends are fine, but fashion is about finding your personal taste through the framework that modern fashion trends steer. (disclosure: I built a fashion startup several years ago - apologies if I come off as opinionated)
Shani, what you have done here is fantastic. We need more apps like this. As an independent fashion designer, how do I get my designs listed on Keep?