Keen IO

Custom analytics shouldn't be a pain in the backend.

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I'm using it to add analytics to my product. It was dead simple to implement. I haven't tried it yet but they have some cool visualization libraries too.
@joecotellese you meen analytics about your product for yourself or analytics that your customers can see?
@pupeno Both. However, mostly using it for customer facing analytics.
@joecotellese I have another question, but I think this would be better if it's private. Would you mind if I contact you privately? Where can I reach you?
@pupeno You can connect with me on LinkedIn

I'm using Keen to power the customer facing analytics of my site I needed a solution that I could get up and running quickly and I didn't want to host my own analytics data. I looked at a number of solutions and settled on Keen. It was setup to start capturing data in about an hour. The visualization library made it easy to add customer facing dashboards too.


good pricing, easy to setup and use, great documentation